Review: Morphe X Kathleen Lights Palette

Hello!! Long time no blog! I have been a busy bee producing a lot of content over on my YouTube and Instagram platforms so be sure to go check me out there if you haven't already! Now on to today's review.

She’s done it again! Famous YouTube beauty guru, Kathleen Lights has released several popular collabs with cosmetics brands such as Colourpop, Ofra and Makeup Geek. This time, Kathleen teamed up with Morphe Brushes to release a new eyeshadow palette.

The day of the palette launch this hot ticket item at $14.99 sold out in just a few hours. Recently, KathleenLights and Morphe Brushes announced that they will be releasing more palettes before the holidays... any minute now. 

When I got my hands on my palette, I decided to film a first impressions video on my channel because two reasons: I was so excited I wanted to use the palette right away and because it was my first time ever using Morphe shadows. You can watch my first impressions video here!

Today, I decided to give it a bit of an update and complete review on my blog. The palette contains 15 coloured eyeshadows ranging from warm toned browns to plum-mauves and even a few green shades. The palette is quite versatile as you can create quite a few looks. 

Look One

Look Two

Morphe shadows receive a lot of mixed reviews, which is one reason why I never purchased (alongside the expensive international shipping). I was pleasantly surprised when I went to swatch the shadows in the palette for the first time. The matte shadows are pigmented, creamy and very blendable while the shimmer shadows are also very pigmented and don't produce much fallout. 

For the price, I think the packaging is great. You all know how I feel about eye shadow palettes that don't come with a mirror. It's a big thumb down for me. But since this palette contains 15 shadows at only $14.99 I can forgive them for the lack of a mirror. The packaging is slim and compact making it easy to bring with you and the versatility inside allows for multiple looks if you are going to be away from your full collection. 

If you didn't get the chance to snag this palette the day it was released I highly suggest trying for the next launch because this palette is absolutely stunning and has great quality for a very reasonable price. 

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