The Tarte Tartelette Palette Review

One of the newest additions to my collection has been Tarte's Tartelette eye shadow palette. This palette has been on my want list for nearly a year and I finally purchased it.

Tarte Tartelette palette shadows

The palette has great packaging. Its a sleek square palette that has 12 matte shadows that range from your classic warm tone browns, purples and a great black shade. This palette is great for travelling because it is so light and has a ginormous mirror.  The shadows are very soft to the touch, and I find for matte shadows they are very creamy and easy to blend. I've played with this palette for two months and have been able to work with each shadow easily. I also have a tutorial featuring this palette: Everyday makeup look

Tarte tartelette palette packaging

Full palette swatches at the end. 

Free Spirit: A pale beige shadow with warm yellow undertones. Great for all over the lid and brightening the inner corner. 

Force of Nature: A medium brown with warm red undertones. Love this shade as a transition colour in the crease. It blends very well and has great colour pay off. 

Dreamer: A dark brown with warm yellow undertones. Very good colour pay off, but much prefer the next shade. 

Multi-Tasker: Slightly darker brown than Dreamer. It also has more red undertones, which I love for deepening up the crease. Blends like a dream and is highly pigmented. 

Caregiver: A pink shade with more cool undertones. Not a fan of this shadow, this is partially because it is a cool toned shadow, but also because I found it a bit more chalky than the rest of the shadows. 

Natural Beauty: A pink shade with taupe undertones. Still quite a warm shadow and great in the crease. 

Best Friend: A medium purple shade with cool undertones. Even though this is more of a cool toned shadow I really enjoy it. It blends very well and compliments Natural Beauty very well. 

Bombshell: A deep purple that is perfect in the outer portion of the eye and on the lower lash line for a smokey look. This is one of my favourite shadows in the palette. Even with such a dark tone it still blends just as well as all the other shadows. 

Super Mom: My most used shadow in the palette. A light beige with warm tones which I find perfect to highlight the brow bone for a matte look and to set your eye shadow base. It helps blend the other shadows out so well. 

Wanderer: A light brown shade with warm undertones. Another favourite as a transition shade. This shadow surprised me with its pigmentation and blend-ability.

Power Player: Another warm brown with some taupe undertones. I personally didn't love this shadow on my skin tone, but it was overall a great shadow. 

Fashionista: A basic black shadow. I find to complete a good palette it needs a good black shadow. This one is highly pigmented and blends very well. Two things that are tough to find in black matte shadows. 

Tarte Tartelette palette swatches


  1. I agree, a blendable yet pigmented black shadow doesnt come easy! loving the shades of this palette!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Hmm, I love this palette - I think I may save up and get this one. The shades are so pretty :)

  3. I love matte eye shadows and love palettes that have a mirror inside! I would love to try this!

    Laura | Laura Likes Beauty xx